/ Meet Reginald

His life was
epic and brief
his legacy lasts
to this day

Experience in virtual reality these blood-thirsty slaving raiders and town builders and international traders.

For a hundred years, Vikings in their swift long ships raided the monasteries and settlements of Ireland, taking slaves and treasure.

Then in 902, their warrior leaders were driven from Ireland and a fragile peace fell over the land.

This peace was shattered 1100 years ago in 917 when Reginald, grandson of the legendary Ivar, returned to Waterford where he built a fort and became king.

He then re-established Viking power in Dublin and sailed to England to become ‘King of York and all the foreigners of Ireland and Britain’.

“Get thee a ship, and go on the sea and kill men”

Norwegian mother9th century


/ Virtual Reality

Experience the
world of the Vikings
in Waterford, Ireland

01.  Reginald's TowerReginalds Tower

The only national monument in Ireland named in honour of a Viking – Reginald, King of the Vikings. This stone fortress stands at the apex of Waterford’s Viking Triangle on the banks of the great river Suir.

02.  View the TreasuresKite Broach

Climb the spiral stone staircase in Reginald’s Tower to view the fascinating treasures from both the abandoned 9th century Viking site at Woodstown and the later established Viking town of Vadrafjordr – Waterford.

03.  Viking LongboatViking Longboat

The archaeologically authentic ship is based on Viking timbers excavated in Waterford, and makes an ideal photo opportunity. A section of an original prow is on display in Reginald’s Tower.

04.  Photos with a Vikingviking statue

Impressive sculpture by local artist John Hayes is made from the wood of a 150 year old tree from the Mount Congreve estate, Waterford.  This unusual piece of public art is a a top favourite with all ages visiting the Viking Triangle.

/ The Heart of Viking Ireland

An authentic
Viking house
in the ruins
of a 13th Century
Franciscan Friary


/ A Place of Kings

From Viking Fort to
Medieval Monastery

Where Reginald built his fort became the place where King Henry II of England established his first base in Ireland. Son John, Lord of Ireland stayed here in 1195. His grandson established a monastery here in 1240 to serve the poor.

King Richard II held court in in this monastery in 1394 and again in 1399. He sailed from Waterford in panic as King in 1399 and by the time he had landed he had lost his crown and was deposed as King of England and Lord of Ireland.

King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries of Britain and Ireland and allowed a local merchant to set up an alms house on condition that the inmates prayed for his soul every night.

During a period of religious intolerance in Europe, King William III in the 1690’s invited French Protestant refugees to worship here.

For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings…Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed…

ShakespeareKing Richard II


/ Ireland's Oldest City

90 minutes from
Dublin and Cork,
and a lifetime of

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